Last Week’s Recap

So, a coworker of mine finally threw in the towel. She quit.

Last week was another roller coaster ride, for many reasons, as always. I was upset that one of my closest allies quit and so now, things are going to be more challenging for me. It’s really difficult when the boss has extreme bias towards certain people where he chooses to believe in crap over reality.

Anyway. So, our product launch has somewhat started.

I say ‘somewhat’ because we’re not really able to go full on since part of our tech developments haven’t been successfully completed. It’s making the boss extra moody lately.

I also discovered that this seemingly harmless young lady I work with is anything but harmless. Ambition and kissing the boss’ ass can beĀ  a dangerous combination.

Long story short, little miss ‘innocent’ has been giving false information to the boss about one certain project we’re doing. (i.e. She is inexperienced and has no concept of the business we’re in so she gives wrong reports to the boss. Why he hired her? Well, let’s just say it’s family ties.)

Little miss innocent got herself into a pickle and she cried at work. I’d have sympathy for her if she tried to hide the fact that she was crying AND if it wasn’t her fault. (One of the main reasons why my coworker quit was because of her. Little miss innocent made a scapegoat out of my now former colleague.)

So much for that. The week ahead will be very interesting, I’m sure. And I hope the boss doesn’t ask me to pick up her slack because, geeze, that slack to pick up is too much for me right now, on top of everything else.

I went to an Art gathering of sorts this weekend. I got to mingle with different people which was fun and interesting.


I was hit on by some guy.

Now…being gay and everything…I wasn’t really ‘aware’ of it until my friends pointed it out. (They don’t know about my sexuality and I keep this private because of my career.)

So, the ladies around me kept telling me : ‘I think he’s interested in you – he keeps coming back to make conversation…you should see where this goes.’

Now…if I was a straight girl, I’d probably be all giddy because for one, he is gorgeous. And, he seems well put together. He has his own little Company and he seems to be getting somewhere with that.

I didn’t stay very long and he wanted me to hang out a little longer…so, he invited me out for wine instead. And I think I’m going.

There’s nothing romantic about this meeting…it’s not the same feeling I get when I’m with a woman who I’m attracted to…but, there’s no harm in having a glass of wine with a friend.

I’ll write more, hopefully, soon.



  1. I don’t blame her for quitting. Most people sign up for work, not a soap opera.

    Anyway, I’m sure there’s no harm with having a glass of wine with the guy. Straight women and gay men do that all the time. :)

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