Venting Through Art

This weekend, I decided to buy a new set of oil and poster paint.

I started to paint again and managed to complete 2 paintings; one on Saturday and the other on Sunday. It’s been good so far to take my mind off of things and to relax as well.

Sometimes, I find it so much better to paint/ draw the thoughts inside my head as opposed to writing it all down to pour my heart out. I tend to get stuck in moments where I feel like I’m drowning in my thoughts.

I think a lot…



I PROBABLY think too much.

So, painting works. Drawing works. I needed to express myself in a non verbal manner. Of course, I could pretend to be a mime and then stick up my middle finger (because that would be non verbal communication) but then again…

I think painting is better.

I also managed to catch up on some reading and it’s been a peaceful weekend. I am grateful.

I realized that I have to accept my ace-hole colleagues into my life. They are in my life for a reason and perhaps it is to teach me how to manage people of such characters without compromising my moral values because, seriously, I have NEVER worked with a bunch of people who are so keen on undermining one another. It’s just crazy.

But, that’s alright, I guess, because that’s not me.

I’ve decided to change things up and play my own game. I’ve been trying so hard to go with their flow.

It’s time I do things my way. Otherwise, I’ll drive myself crazy, that’s for sure.

This week is going to be interesting…because I’ll no longer be playing by their rules.

I’ll make my own rules.

If life gives you lemons, get a f*cking paint brush and paint your heart out.

Yeah. That works. And that’s pretty much all I have for now.







  1. I agree. During a very difficult period in my life I couldn’t write, so I sketched. It was incredibly helpful. Collage is great too.

    • Writing sometimes pushes me to analyze a situation that I am not quite ready to lay out in black and white…and so yes, the Art helps a lot to fill in the need for expression.

      I pretty much suck at Collage but I think I can handle sketching and painting :)

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