The Liebster Blog Award

I received the Liebster Blog Award from my dear friend and fellow writer, Stephanie M. Neighbor of

…And I am ASHAMED.


Well, see, here’s the thing.

I received the nomination on December 2012, right before Christmas. It was a very pleasant and sweet surprise. (Thank you, Steph!) Unfortunately, I have been too busy attending to other things (i.e. work and bitching about work, too) so I’ve only written about this today. (Better late than never, right? Gotta give me credit for that.)

Steph has been a wonderful supporter of Lifegasmic, my writing, as well as my occasional meltdowns when I need to DM her on Twitter. (Yeah, I do that. I’m surprised she hasn’t told me off for my whining.)

Anyhoo –

To continue this awesome little chain of appreciation, I will do the following :

  • Post scandalous photos of myself
  • Donate a huge amount of cash to hate groups
  • Sacrifice an animal and dance in a ritualistic manner underneath the full moon

Yes. All of the above I will do.




NOW! *clears throat*

Down to the real stuff – let me start this off by sharing 11 random facts about me.  (The start of this was quite a few moments ago but heck. Whatever. Please just read because you know I love my readers.)


11 Random facts about me

1. I am sensitive to smells. I seriously do not appreciate smelly people. It’s okay if you’re sick and/ or if you have health issues. I’m not THAT much of an acehole. (note : acehole is my ‘nice way’ of saying ‘asshole’) However, if you’re one who does not observe good personal hygiene, please stay away from me. I did say please.

2. I love my dogs. I have a Pomeranian who has anger management issues and a 12 year old Mongrel whom I purchased from an old man in the street. He was selling her in a box on a street corner.

3. I value respect and I know how to give this to others. One way to get on my shit list is to disrespect me or people I care about. I’m very particular about communications, whether written or verbal.

4. I am an introvert. I like to limit my social circle to quality individuals. It’s not about quantity. It’s about quality. Of course, I do socialize but I’m not the type who tries to get everyone’s name in a gathering.

5. I am extra protective of my Mother. Cross her and I will kill you.

6. I drink warm lemon water everyday. It’s my way of ‘detoxing.’

7. I enjoy Yoga. I think it helps balance me out. By the same token, I think that Yoga isn’t for everyone. Some people are just born a certain way and no amount of Yoga can mellow them out.

8. I believe in maintaining a good balance of energy. I am spiritual and I am trying to stay this way. I don’t consider myself as religious, rather, I always refer to myself as one who is spiritual.

9. Roaches freak me out. Just. Don’t ask.

10. I don’t crawl into bed without taking a shower. I can be sick and extremely exhausted but I manage to drag myself to the shower to wash up before getting under the covers. My bed is my haven for relaxation and it has to be perfect.

11. From 10, you should know that I am a clean freak.


And here’s where I answer Steph’s 11 questions :

1. What hobby would you like to learn but have put off trying?

Hmm. One of them has to be playing the violin.

2. If you could write in another genre, what would it be and why?

Erotica. (LOL) But. No, seriously. I think it’s pretty bold because some of the stuff is based on personal preference.

3. You can have a two-hour lunch with anyone, famous or not. Who would it be and why?

My late grandpa. Because I miss him.

4. Music or television?

Music all the way, baby! I don’t remember the last time I went a day without music.

5. What time of the day do you find you are most creative?

Late nights, after my sexcapades. HA. Just kidding. I’m a night owl so I’d have to say evenings/ nights for me. That’s when I either write, play my guitar or paint.

6. What is your biggest vice and do you plan to give it up or stay with it?

My biggest vice? I guess mine would be…overworking myself. I intend to change this because I need to have a balanced life. It’s been hard but I am getting much better at this.

7. Mac or PC

Both, actually. Macs are great for graphics & music related work. I usually am on PC though.

8. What in your life are you most proud of?

I am proud of being my Mother’s daughter. I am honored. She is wonderful.

9. If you could change one thing about your life, what would it be?

I don’t think I’d change anything, really. I am where I am today because of the things that have transpired in my life.  And, no matter how hard it has been, I believe that I was meant to learn a few things from these experiences in order to grow as a person.

10. What is your idea of a perfect vacation?

It depends on my mood…but I’m the type who likes to get away from the city (because I am a city girl). So, I think mine would have to be somewhere off in nature (at a secluded tropical island), away from all the hustle/ bustle…doing yoga, writing, listening to music…and just being in the moment of everything.

11. What was the impetus for you to begin writing and do you think this is something you will always pursue?

I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. It started when I was a child. I somehow had difficulty in expressing myself and so I turned to writing instead. It became my outlet. I grew up in a conservative family where we didn’t really talk about our feelings. We were formal with each other but this has changed over the years.


So, there. 11 + 11 things about me to keep you entertained.

I will have to do a follow up post on my nominees and my 11 questions, so stay tuned!




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