The Sunshine Award

You know, just when I was thinking about shutting this site down, (which is an entirely different story), I got The Sunshine Award. And, I was given this award by none other than my good friend, Stephanie M. Neighbor of ChuckleSpace.

Steph has been wonderful. She’s always been supportive of me and my rants. In fact, after I dropped out of Twitter for a very long time, it was Steph who brought me back. She mentioned me on Twitter and the rest is history.

So, Steph, thank you for the support, the laughs and for making my crappy days brighter with your awesome sense of humor.

The Rules
(And queue! Suspense music!)

1.Post the Sunshine Award Logo that appears in this post.

2.Accept the nomination and link it back to the person who nominated you.

3.Answer the questions listed below.

4.Nominate ten other blogs that inspire you/others and let them know you have nominated them.

The Questions

My favorite color :
I have to say Blue. I love a deep shade of purple, some orange and white, too. But Blue is definitely my all time fave.

My favorite animal :
My Dad. *CHOKES* I mean my Dogs. No, really, the first was a typing error.

My favorite number :
8. That’s my birth date and if you really wanna get into it, check out the meaning of the number when referenced in numerology.

My favorite non-alcoholic beverage :
I have to say coffee. I’m a very grouchy person until I have my dose of caffeine.

My favorite alcoholic beverage :
I have to say wine. I enjoy hard liquor, too, but I can’t have too much of it. (Wow, I just realized that I drink a lot. Go figure.)

Facebook or Twitter :
I think I’ll go with Twitter. I have only recently delved into Facebook on a personal level – I’ve been using it/ managing accounts for work but haven’t been using FB for anything else. I find it intrusive – people like poking about other people’s business A LOT. Twitter is nice cause with character limitations, you sort of learn to shut your mouth. Or fingers. About a lot of things. But that still doesn’t stop the occassional idiot who likes to reveal too much about themselves, like, they have a yeast infection or something. Like we really needed to know that.

My passions :
Art, Music, Photography, Writing, making people smile and warming hearts (with kind gestures and not with my hand or mouth skills).

Giving or receiving gifts :
I’m a lot better at giving than receiving. (Wow, does this sound a tad bit off.) But, in all seriousness, (ahem), I used to prefer giving but then I realized that all relationships are supposed to be balanced. If someone gifts me from the heart, I will graciously accept. But if someone gifts me with ulterior motives (and this has happened), I would say go dig yourself a hole and take your gifts to the underworld, please and thank you. K, that aside, it was only when I read Amanda Owen’s book ‘The Power of Receiving’, I realized that I, in fact, did not know HOW to receive gifts. And if you don’t know how to receive, how can you graciously accept all that the universe has to offer you? (Ah, yes, this is one of my Zen-Yoda-all-inspiring-moments.)

Favorite City :
I think I’ll go with Hong Kong.

Favorite TV shows :
There’s just so many…(Wow, now I just realized that I probably watch too much TV). But to name a few…I enjoy The Simpsons, Dexter, House MD, True Blood (sexy Vampires just make me wanna say ‘bite me’), and so on so forth…

Here are my 10 nominees :

1) Colleen M Albert – Colleen is such a huge part of my life. She’s my big sis.
2) Liz McGuire – Liz is an inspiration. Her writings and photography breathe life.
3) J.J. Anderson – A new discovery – Heartwarming and hilarious. JJ makes swearing trendy.
4) Kasey Leavitt – Because her words in this post have such power.
5) Timaree and Jodi – Because it’s brave to show the world who you really are.
6) Kristen of The Pretty Girl In Pink – Just looking at her website always made me smile.
7) Clare Scott – So amazingly talented.
8) Missy Bedell – Smart, kick ass and funny.
9) Ginger Myrick – Her writings require a ton of research since she likes writing historical fiction. It’s more than just imagination.
10) Margie Miklas – She makes me want to take off and travel round the world in my underwear. (I wasn’t aiming for something R rated, but what this means is, she makes me want to dash out the door so quickly, I wouldn’t even remember to put anything else on.)

Please spend a few moments to check out these amazing people and don’t forget to leave a comment! Let’s give each other a little bit of ‘sunshine’…then let’s hold hands and sing ‘Kumbaya’…pft. NOT.


Have a nice weekend, folks!



  1. CM Albert says:

    Awww, thanks for this award. So glad Steph brought you back to Twitter so I could meet you. Imagine our lonely, empty fates had we not! =) You are the sunshine in my day, so I am so honored to receive this award from you. {I’m three behind, so I promise I’ll get to it soon!} I loved reading your funny answers and learning more about you. Love ya, tweetheart! Mwah!

    • Hi Tweetpea :) You truly deserve the award for so many reasons but on top of it all, it’s because you are my sunshine. Thank you for being that and more to me. You’re the best, sis :)

  2. Stephanie says:

    Thanks for the kind words my friend and I am so glad we have you back. You were one of my original and real friends on Twitter. Stick with your writing, it’s good stuff. : )

    • Steph, you know it means a lot to hear that coming from you.

      Thank you so much :) I love your writing – you know that. You ALWAYS make me laugh and you have such a way with words!

      …and you know I’m not kissing your ass. But hey, if it works to get on your Harley with my floral rain boots, then, woo-hoo!

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