You Sentimental Boob, You!

Today started out really weird. I’ve been obsessed with getting Lifegasmic together, trying to think about ways I can entice people to visit and I ended up being so engrossed with data and research that I stayed up too late last night. This was, of course, after I had to finish some work I needed to do for my full time job. So, yes, as you may have guessed it, I was tired, very much so. I was close to falling asleep while I was exchanging text messages with a friend and I have to say, there is a good reason why it isn’t such a good idea to talk to me when I’m sleepy. I make no sense half the time! Haha! BUT. I’ve been told that I can be pretty entertaining. So, meh. Somewhere along the lines, the conversation went from ‘Hi, how are you?’ to having a boob on my face. Here’s … [Read more...]